NEW – Lava Shell Massage

This unusual treatment uses a self-heating lava shell for a relaxing, deep, tension busting massage. Ideal for both women & men, the Lava Shells provide adaptable treatments for the ultimate relaxation or deep tissue work.
Sourced from the Philippines, our Lava Shells are 100% natural tiger clam shells and providea source of food for the local island dwellers. The empty shells are prepared by locals by sand polishing to make them smooth ready for use. Sachets containing natural minerals are then placed into the shell to create an exothermic heat.
The heat produced provides ultimate relaxation and relieves tension in painful arthritic joints, whilst also removing toxins. Their unique shape enables the therapist to work deeply into tension and knots.
In addition, the Lava Shells also provide a fantastic treatment for the stomach. Symptoms of constipation, IBS, menstrual cramps, or the general feeling of being bloated, can be relieved. The massage stimulates the circulation, removes blockages and provides relief and discomfort.
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