Relaxing Massage

A soothing, relaxing massage to relieve stress and tension and improve well-being. Tailored to suit your concerns.

Body Massage

Back Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Incorporating an Infra-Red heat treatment to relax the muscles for a deeper massage. This massage uses firm pressures and techniques by skilled therapists to work deep into the muscles to relieve tension.

Body Massage

Back Massage

Hot Stone Massage

A deeply relaxing massage using warm basalt stones to ease tension and provide a firm, relaxing massage. Stones are first placed on the trigger points of the body to relax, and then held in the therapists hands and used to glide over the skin giving warmth to the muscles before using them to work deep into knots and tension to soothe, revive and re-balance the whole body. A must have massage treatment!

Body Massage

Back Massage

Lava Shell Massage

Experience the warmth and soothing relief of the Tropics and a smooth self-heating lava shell is massaged over the body. The natural mineral heat from within the lava shell will instantly relax the muscles and enable a deeper, more relaxing massage. Deep tissue work on tension areas such as the back and shoulders eases away muscle tension, knots and stress points, unblocking an energy flow and releasing a sense of balance on the entire body and mind. For an intensive back, neck and shoulder treatment this deep tissue massage achieves a deep, firm pressure to treat deep-rooted muscle problems.

Body Massage

Back Massage

Stomach Massage

This natural colonic treatment is ideal for anyone suffering from IBS and bloating. This treatment will leave you feeling comfortable, rejuvenated and with the added bonus of a flatter stomach that lasts for days. Weekly treatments will be recommended to relieve constipation and bloating.

Other Massages

Heavenly Head Massage

An deeply relaxing and rejuvenating massage for the neck, shoulders, upper back and head. Excellent for those who carry their troubles on their shoulders. Also good for those who get tension headaches, sinus congestion, earaches, migraines or stress.


A deeply relaxing pressure point massage of the foot where different points correspond to organs and parts of the body. Reflexologists work on these areas to help improve symptoms such as everyday stress and your wellbeing. (50 minutes)

Mother-to-be Massage

When you are about to become a mother you have many concerns, let us take complete care of your skin throughout your pregnancy and for the first few months as a new mum. This nurturing treatment will help to preserve the tone of your skin, reducing the risk of stretch marks, lighten your legs and brighten your complexion to ensure you look as radiant as you feel. An indulgent face and body treatment.

Back Facial

A deep clean and relaxation for the back. Deep cleanse and exfoliation removes impurities and smooths the skin. Followed by a massage, mask and moisturise leaving your back feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Stress Buster Massage

One of our most popular massages of the back, neck, shoulders and scalp to relieve stress and leave you feeling relaxed.

Ear Candling

A cleansing treatment for the ears that can help hay fever, ear problems such as wax build up and sinusitis and relieve headaches. A clearing treatment to boost your wellbeing.

Body Polish

A full body scrub followed by an application of a refreshing & hydrating cream.

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